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22/10/19 20:36
Ha respondido al tema ¿Cómo funciona AG Markets? ¿Es confiable?
The following companies are working in parallel with AG-Markets as a client retention department:  IALPHA GROUP: Registered under the name of the following company: QUADRATICA SL and under the name Jaime Estrada Garcia. Previously iAlpha Group was registered under BUSINESS KAISER SL where the main offices were located in Calle Tuset 19, Barcelona, Spain.  *****************  QUANTS TRADE:  This company is still under investigation and soon will come to the open public. So far we know that the name is very similar to a legit company based in the United States of America ( which they offer trading technology (software and hardware). This technique is to confuse people thinking they are real and serious people).  On their contact page the phone number doesn’t exist. We have to ask them so they can give it to us! How funny does this sound?  The address is also a fake as we already know they are based in Barcelona Spain.  As it now seems they were already planning to set up new scams under NEW COMPANIES which are the following:  ITAURUX:  ( is the new brand which was meant to replace AGMarkets. com to continue stealing and scamming investors world-wide. Until now nobody knew its existence but an insider informer sent us an email with the details. They want customers to use manipulated trading robots to get as much money from the customers as possible. The company they get the technology from is from them too “Intellinology” (more details further below).)    REVOLUTRADING S.A:  (with the use of AG-Markets license from Vanuatu Revolutrading is a whitelabel trading platform which sits on top of AG Markets metatrader and client system. The purpose and the objective of Revolutrading is the same as AG Markets / Itaurux, scamming and stealing money from investors like everything done by Esteve and Lopez Colin.)  EQUUX HOLDING LLC:  (new company founded by Pablo Esteve and Miguel Lopez Colin in Tbilisi, Georgia. The name Equux Holding LLC. was carefully chosen to be confused with an existing company in USA named Equus Holdings LLC. so when you look on the internet, most likely you will read about the USA company which has always good reviews). They work with FX Open platforms and use Tblisi, Georgian regulation which is in the same level of Vanuatu license where the investor’s money is never safe!  COMPANY DETAILS: Name: EQUUX Holding LLC Registration Number: 402091455 Registration Address: Didube District, L. Pasteri Street, N3, Apartment 8, Tbilisi Email: [email protected]   EQUUX is oficially registered in Tblisi, Georgia but the address when asking for the whitelabel MetaTrader 4 platform states that the company is registered in New Zealand, contact phone number from Spain and the email details from AG Markets. This is because they are the same people behind it. On the other side EQUUX is applying for a license in Labuan where the value of such license is the same as FCA but for the Asian market. Our network of contacts, made it possible to obtain the below documents and publish them for the clients to have a copy and use it against these scumbags in the court of law.   EQUUX HOLDING LLC. has 4 divisions (4 websites): 1) EQUUALS:   (Equuals is the company that Pablo Esteve is using to offer white-label brokerage solutions).    2) EQUUOLOGY:   (More of the same and not very clear of what this company offers except trading platforms).    3) EQUAPITAL:    (This company was created to invest in startups and fintech companies. We suspect that investor’s money has been laundered using this company. For example see:   4) INTELLINOLOGY:   (Intellinology apparently offers intelligent trading tools which helps investors to win in trading markets… but only Pablo Esteve knows the truth… of course the trading tools will work against you so they take away your money.)   ****************************************  All this work is done with help of a company called Estudios DWI ( who registers the new domains and hosts them with a provider in Valencia, Spain. The company details for Estudios DWI are the following:  – Company name: Estudio Marketing DWI SL. – Company owner: Jordi Muñoz Romero – Company number: B66774365 – Company registration address: Calle Joventut 24, Local B, Sant Boi de Llobregat, 08830, Barcelona – Email: [email protected]     ****************************************  GENERAL EMPER SL: not long ago General Emper SL got replaced by the following new company: QUADRATICA SL Calle Compte Urgell 204, 5B, 08036, Barcelona, Spain. In the above address is where all sales and marketing activities take place. The office is run by Pablo Esteve and Mario Romanielo (info further below).  ***********  BUSINESS KAISER SL (iAlphaGroup and Quants Trade): Calle Tuset 19, 1st Floor, 08006, Barcelona, Spain. The company address has changed and we also believe the company name is also changed. Soon to disclose.   ***********  AG Markets is controlling the following websites / portals in order to write positive comments about their brand and negative comments of the competitors. The websites are the following:  We have found evidence that they also manipulate public forums on other financial websites creating false users and false comments about other brokers trying to kill the competitors. Most likely if you have read a review on any of the above portals are controlled completely by the crew of Pablo Esteve.    AG Markets needs to face the law and pay for the damages they have caused to hundreds of thousands of innocent investors worldwide. Sue those individuals and the company to the following authorities:  FCA – (United Kingdom): Tel: +44 207 066 1000 Email: [email protected] Address: FCA Head Office, 12 Endeavour Square, London E20 1JN, United Kingdom ******************************* CNMV – (Spain): Tel: +34 900 373 362 Email: [email protected] Address: Comunicación de Infracciones – Departamento de Inversores – CNMV. Edison 4, 28006 Madrid / Passeig de Gràcia 19, 08007 Barcelona.  *******************************  FSP / SFO – (New Zealand): Tel: +64 9 303 0121 Email: [email protected] Address: SFO Complaints, PO Box 7124, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141  ******************************  CMVM – (Portugal): Tel: +351 213 177 134 Email: [email protected] Address: Rua Laura Alves 4, 1050-138 Lisboa  ******************************  VFSC – (Vanuatu): Notes-Addressing-Complaints-Against-a-Financial- Dealers-Licensee.pdf Tel: +678 22 247 Email: [email protected] Address: Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, Companies House, PMB, 9023, Rue Bougainville, Port Vila, Vanuatu 
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22/10/19 20:30
Ha respondido al tema ¿Cómo funciona AG Markets? ¿Es confiable?
 On the other hand Pablo Esteve van Vrijberghe de Coningh is known to be laundering money received from investors and other illegal activities through the following companies:  BUFETE ESTEVE ASOCIADOS SL  EAT APP RESTAURANT SL (Domain WHOIS information) and GROUPY APPS DESIGNERS SL (from an inside informer, it is confirmed that Pablo invested €120,000 in this company. The funds may have come from different companies but the truth is the money comes from the investors. Some of the shareholders like Jordi Muños Romero from DWI Studios also help Pablo with issues related to AG Markets and we have found proof that he is also involved with EQUUX Holding Ltd.) WESSELTON HOMES SL WESSELTON HOMES SL (Wesselton Homes SL is the owner of the below company: Palevan Holdings B.V. located in Netherlands.)  PALEVAN HOLDING B.V. Holding B.V. was the main shareholder of AG-Markets (Advanced Global Markets Ltd. where Carlos Ferrer Montalvó is also a company director to date.)  ADDINGTION 1967 SL (Addingtion 1967 SL is registered under the following name: Francisco Mañe Vidal which has also used his name to register BUSINESS KAISER SL operating as iAlphaGroup – retention department of AG Markets, lately changed to QUADRATICA SL).  The clever guy Miguel Lopez Colin, left a surprising evidence behind… Some of the funds he took from innocent investors, were invested in a property in Miami, Florida, United States of America. The property was bought for $388,900 (US Dollars). Details of the property below:   Probably Mexican authorities do not (yet) know the existence of this property (and some accounts and creative accounting from Lopez Colin) but this soon will change. 
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22/10/19 20:25
Ha respondido al tema ¿Cómo funciona AG Markets? ¿Es confiable?
 Hola de nuevo! Después de desaparición de todos los usuarios y cuentas en los servidores de AG Markets, ya han huido de sus oficinas y no me contestan a las llamadas, e-mails y tampoco al Skype. En el informe que salió sobre las estafas de AG Markets, había un número móvil de Pablo Esteve van Vrijberghe de Coningh que nunca atendió. He perdido todo mi dinero por culpa de estos estafadores y necesito hacer algo para recuperarlo. El informe que recibí por email lo pongo más abajo en modo texto: Maybe you have noticed that your “trading platform” is not working anymore and all your accounts have disappeared. Don’t worry, they are safe on a backup file hidden somewhere on the planet but your money not because it is already in the pockets of the ghosts behind AG-Markets (Advanced Global Markets Ltd.). However shortly after we took ownership of the domain by purchasing it, you may have received an email saying that for security reasons the domain has changed to http://www.AGMarkets. eu and you should not send or respond to any of the emails sent and received from the domain. This warning was sent because they are hiding the truth. We have confiscated a large amount of confidential information including company documents, bank accounts, history of bank transactions of all scammed investors and also information of the owners, ultimate beneficiary owners and private internal emails, chats, employee documentations etc… We are glad to share this information with the authorities in order to stop these scumbags! From what we have investigated so far, there has been more than $10M (ten million US Dollars) fraud from investors from all around the world including the following countries: Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, LATAM countries and United States… To date we are able to confirm the main responsible and beneficiary owners of this scam are:  Pablo Esteve van Vrijberghe de Coningh: (a Spanish citizen). Miguel Angel Lopez Colin:  (a Mexican citizen). Carlos Ferrer Montalvo:  (a Spanish citizen).  Carlos Ferrer Montalvó – Refruiting: Linkedin:  The identity of Carlos Ferrer Montalvó has been used to register businesses which then later are all managed by Pablo Esteve, Miguel Lopez and Jaime Estrada. The following companies were / are registered under the name of Carlos Ferrer Montalvó: PERFORMANCE TRADE LTD (09282556): – Incorporation Certificate – Performance Trade Ltd.   BPCI INC LTD (08748112): and SOVEREIGN T S LTD (08452753): (They were used to scam mostly Mexican investors together with companies like: Grupo Argentis and GA Management (mentioned further down) with no real platforms and no real trading, just scamming. Customers sent the money to Swiss bank CIM.)  ADVANCED GLOBAL MARKETS LTD: (AG Markets is registered in Vanuatu and has a useless license which has no value anywhere in the world when it comes to dealing with financial markets such as online trading. AG Markets is also registered in New Zealand but is not licensed by the FSP as they were deregistered in 18/07/2017: /version/searchSummaryCompanyFSP/  To date they are still registered in New Zealand as a limited company but they are not licensed by the FSP and not authorised to offer financial services anywhere in the world. 
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05/08/19 06:46
Ha respondido al tema ¿Cómo funciona AG Markets? ¿Es confiable?
Estoy intentando contactar con la gente de AG Markets pero no me da nadie bola! Que onda con mi inversion? Estoy esperando desde finales de junio para que me solucionen el problema con mi cuenta y no he tenido respuesta ninguna. Donde esta mi dinero, que paso con el?
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